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Bletchly Park: Digital Light Code Makers

The event was a free public event within the grounds of Bletchley Park to celebrate Islamic mathematics, patterns and art.  I worked closely with the organizers to build the artistic flow of the event throughout the grounds. I showcased my Digital Mirror in the gardens, collaborated on Between the Stars projection and assisted with the projection onto the mansion.  

The event was well publicized and received and future events are in progress.

Between the Stars

I collaborated with Sara Choudhrey in the creation of Between the Stars.  She worked with members of the Milton Keynes community and visitors to Bletchley Park teaching them Islamic patterns and designs based.  Between them they created over 240 tiled iterations of classic isometric grid patterns.  I took the patterns and tessellated them in an animation that looped eternally through the different designs in a random order.  The result was projected onto the side of the WWII D-Day exhibition building within the park.

You can see a working version of the animation via your web browser

Digital Mirror

I set up the digital mirror within the grounds by the pond within the park.  To accompany the two mirrors I worked with Soraya Syed taking a number of her calligraphy pieces and animating them using particle and neon animations to match the mirrors.  

The installation used two depth camera, two projectors and targeted four screens made from black mesh.  The mirrors were displayed in two separate screen elements whilst the other two screens contain randomized particle animations.  A firth particle animation was played above the screens onto the backdrop of the trees behind.

MKIAC & Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park, UK
Team Members
Sara Choudhrey, Maryam Smit, Soraya Syed