Go With The Flow Birth School

Brand, print, web and mobile design and build.

Go With The Flow Birth School

Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth

Go With The Flow Birth School asked how we could help bring their unique mindfulness cards to life.

We worked with Paula to develop their brand, designing their cards for print, building a mobile app and their website.


Paula was keen to use soft calming colours and imagery to compliment their messages.  Working together we designed the colour pallet and mandala imagery that is used in all their resources.

The Cards

The cards are a unique way to help soon to be mothers and partners through pregnancy and beyond.  We designed a standard format for the card backs and created 16 cards for the deck.  We also helped to put the accompanying booklet together for them to create the entire package.

The App

We took the premise further by creating a mobile app for both Apple and Android devices so their clients can always have the cards wherever they are in the world.

The app was built in Unity and uses animation to gently switch between screens, the cards a drawn at random.  The app is multilingual and allows the user to set their preferred colour theme.


The cards and app have been sold all over the world and have been helping doulas, birth workers, mothers and partners.

"Such a great tool! Beautiful, thought provoking, gently educational"

"Just what the doula ordered! Beautiful concept, beautiful design."

Go With The Flow Birth School

Paula is a mother and doula who runs the birth school providing help to mothers and partners on their journey through pregnancy and birth.


Go With The Flow Birth School