Absorb LMS Integration

Send, Receive, Store and Synchronize with the Absorb LMS API

System Integration

We built and maintain a large training school website and back end application for an international financial company.  A key part to the system is full integration with the Absorb Learning Management System (LMS).

The project required full API access to both consume, submit and synchronise data between both our bespoke application and Absorb. 

Stand Alone Library

We built a stand alone communication library from the ground up in C#.  The library provides all the communication with the Absorb API, with latency and redundancy built in.  

It provides fully managed local data storage and synchronisation as well as real time API calls for required processes.

Full Package

The solution is a complete package that provided all of the functionality for our client as well as delivering full functionality for other integration projects.

Please contact us if you are interested in integrating your system with Absorb LMS and we will be glad to help.


International Financial Institue